Trash Collection – Updike Industries Inc.

Town Resident                                                                     Date May 31, 2016

Re: Trash Pickup and Recycle

Dear Town Resident:

This letter is to advise that effective July 1, 2016 the Town of Louisa, Virginia will begin contracting trash services.  After an extensive search, bidding process, and contract negotiations, Updike Industries, Inc. was selected to provide trash and recycle services to the Town citizens and businesses.  Updike has a proven track record within the community and we fully expect a smooth transition.  Attached, please find a letter from their management team.

All decisions require a great deal of thought, decision making, and research.  Additionally, change is never easy for those involved.  Patience and unity during a time of change will help to make this transition smooth.   The decision to outsource trash was made based on a number of factors.  The Town is faced with replacing two aging trash trucks, both of which, have seen recent increases in maintenance and repair costs.  The part time CDL driver has planned to retire this year, as well as one of the part time trash workers.  The third worker has been out for some time and may not return.  The increase in population and work load used on the trash trucks is time which utility employees can better meet needs of street, cemetery, water, and sewer maintenance.  After reviewing escalating costs, staffing issues, and time management, the decision to contract is the most cost efficient way to handle the Town trash.  Numerous municipalities and subdivisions across the Commonwealth have used this same system successfully.

The Town staff will be helping Updike Industries to disburse new trash receptacles to citizens during the month of June.  A pick up day on Main Street at the Town Utility offices will be scheduled, as well as new cans will be delivered to citizens.  Residents will have the choice of 95, 65, or 45 gallon containers.  Primarily, the 95 gallon containers will be disbursed.  However, if the need for a smaller can exists, Updike Industries Inc. will make one available in the smaller sizes of 65 or 45 gallons.  Should you wish to request a smaller receptacle please contact Kevin Norris with Updike Industries Inc. at 540-825-1950.   The Town staff will also assist in contacting them if needed.

Receptacles will need to be placed curbside and in a location easily accessible to the trash truck.  The trash will be picked up once per week on each Monday unless a holiday occurs and then it will be picked up on the Tuesday following the holiday.  Recycle will remain on the same present schedule of twice per month; the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Residents may use their current recycle containers.  However, it is noted that all recycled trash can be co-mingled with other recyclables, i.e. paper, plastic, aluminum etc. can be placed in one or multiple containers.  Residents do not need to sort recycle trash.

Additionally, the Town staff will continue the service of picking up large waste on an as needed basis. Brush and leaf pickup will also continue on the same bi-weekly schedule of the first and third Wednesday of each month during the months of May through October.

Thank you in advance for your patience with this transition.  We want to meet all needs of Town residents and businesses in the most efficient manner possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 540-967-1400.


Thomas L. Filer,

Town Manager

Cc: R. Garland Nuckols, Mayor

Matthew Kersey, Vice Mayor

A Daniel Carter, Town Council

Mary Jane Clarke, Town Council

Warren Gehle, Town Council

Andy Wade, Town Council


Town of Louisa Updike Letter