2020 Census



LOUISA, VIRGINIA – The County of Louisa plans to work with the Virginia Complete Count Commission, established by Governor Ralph S. Northman, and community partners to ensure an accurate 2020 Census count. Every ten years, the United States Constitution mandates a count of all the people living in the United States and its territories. The 2020 Census will require counting an increasingly diverse and growing population. The data obtained by the survey will help determine the nationwide distribution of approximately $675 billion in federal funding to state, local, and tribal governments annually. “For a number of reasons, an accurate census is critical for all localities,” said Christian Goodwin, County Administrator. It’s important that we prepare in advance for a successful count.” The Louisa County Board of Supervisors, along with the governing bodies in numerous localities across the state, has proclaimed April 1, 2019 as Census Awareness Day to help raise County awareness regarding the Census. “The 2020 Census data is extremely important for Virginia, and by establishing the Complete Count Commission we will ensure that all residents of the Commonwealth are counted—from our largest cities to our smallest towns and rural communities,” said Governor Northam. The Complete Count Commission will enlist a broad range of stakeholders and representatives of constituencies that have historically been considered “hard-to-count” populations in order to educate communities and promote the census. To learn more about the Virginia Complete Count Commission visit www.governor.virginia.gov

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